Jonathan L. Harris

Clairvoyant Life Coach • Medium • Spiritual Advisor


Here to provide you with clarity, confirmation, insight and revelation. I look forward to connecting with you soon and assisting you with all your spiritual needs.

If you are seeking guidance...

To navigate through the maze of life, I am ordained by God Almighty and through experience to be your support system to bring clarity and purpose to your life journey. I know how it feels to be lost and confused because I too was once in that space. I am a Certified Life Coach, Spiritual Adviser, Healer, and an Ordained Interfaith Minister. Your life and your experience are of deep value to me. Therefore, I open the doors to invite you to your authentic self and life.

Sessions with Jonathan

A private session with Jonathan will get you the clarity you need, the answers you seek and point you in the direction you so desperately require. Jonathan will provide you with verifiable information from the other side(spirit world), and information you maybe weren’t aware of; all while helping you heal your life. Jonathan receives his messages directly from loved ones who have passed over and the spirit world; this includes Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Angels, and The Holy Spirit. He has had a strong connection with the spirit world since childhood. You will always be provided with clarity, revelations, and divine guidance.

Client Testimonials

Testimonial #1

“Working with Jonathan Harris has been invaluable to me both personally and professionally. He has a unique ability to uncover areas where I’m either stuck or getting in my own way and help me to shift my perception of my situation. When I’m overwhelmed with so many business choices, he helps me to focus on the ones that are most beneficial for the direction I’m trying to go. He’s able to give me clarity that I cannot sometimes give myself when I’m too close to the problem! I have worked with other coaches in the past, but I go back to Jonathan not only for his knowledge and expertise, but also for his very tactful delivery. He is one of my most trusted advisers.”
Accountant, Certified Professional Coach

Atlanta, GA


Testimonial #4

I’ve worked with Jonathan a few times my experience is always fantastic, he came into my life at exactly the right time.  He was able to help me focus, put things into perspective and help me to prioritize what was most important.
Jonathan is truly blessed with a gift to pull out everything that is good from others.
Jonathan is an incredible listener and hears you with both his ears and his heart, he supported me navigate a cloudy, difficult time in my personal and professional life.  He was able to help me get very clear about what my next moves should be which enabled me to set specific goals.
Jonathan is caring and will even check on you after the fact if his spirit is led to do so, he truly cares about the people he works with and goes out of his way to accommodate your needs.
I have zero hesitation when it comes to recommending his services.  He gives you 100% each and every time.  Anyone who is lucky enough to come into contact with him will become better because of it.
        Certified Business Coach and Connector

Testimonial #2

 I had a reading with Jonathan after hearing him on the radio. Without telling him anything, he told me about my “gift.” He also informed that my husband and I were sitting on some things we discussed doing but not pursuing. It was so…true. In addition, he asked my husband had his father passed and delivered a message. At that point, my husband broke down in tears. He is not one to cry, but the message was just what he always needed to hear from his father. After the brief radio reading, I decided to contact Jonathan for a personal reading, and again, he asked me not to say anything. He spoke of many things, but one of them was pertaining to a daughter to come. I laughed because I always feel the presence of a little girl, and I do not have any children that I have birthed. He told me about this little girl’s personality, and it was pretty much identical to the presence I had been feeling. The irony is that because I am older I have been fearful of not being able to give birth. On the day of the reading, I had not had a “cycle” in months, and I had been warned that I may be going through “the change” that many women experience when we get older. Jonathan told me that spirit led him to tell me to take 3 baths, 3 days in a row, and he gave me specific ingredients, all things that can easily be purchased at any grocery store, to release toxins. With a sense of urgency, after the reading, I went to the store and purchased everything and took my first bath. Not only did I feel relaxed, but when I woke up the next day, there were signs of a “cycle,” and this continued for the next week. I was super excited and moved that God, spirit, my guides, and ancestors allowed Jonathan to be a vessel. There was so much said and so much truth to it all. I would highly suggest Jonathan.
College Professor | NC

Testimonial #6

Jonathan’s gift is very interesting! The reason I say that is because we share some of  same  spiritual belief systems and we also have some different spiritual views. One thing I have learned with Jonathan is there are spiritual laws that  are shared across every spiritual/ religious belief. Jonathan has also taught me that the spiritual world is a lot larger than what I thought and the visions and encounters I am experiencing are not because I  am a weirdo but because I am GIFTED!
— J.P.

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Testimonial #3

Working with Jonathan over the last few years has encouraged me to learn, do and become more. The solid information he brings to his sessions always puts perspective on successes and not yet successes that I’ve endured. He has helped me to see the importance of consistent action and its direct reflection on how we value our time. In doing more, I have become more than I thought possible. The value Jonathan adds to me enables me to add more value to customers, business partners and more importantly my family. Jonathan has given me the awareness that by not only looking for opportunities but becoming an opportunity allows for endless possibilities. For this I am extremely grateful and recommend his services to all who are looking to grow.
C. Carter
Business Analyst   | Charlotte, NC

Testimonial #5

My experience with Jonathan Harris was phenomenal.
As a medium I invite conversations with spirits and in so doing I opened myself up to a spirit who did not want to leave. Jonathan was able to exorcise him and send him on his way. I feel much lighter and happier without the weight of that unwanted energy around me. He also taught me how to prevent this from happening again and I very much appreciate his wisdom and guidance.
I highly recommend him as an intuitive for those interested in a reading and as a guide for those who want to unlock the mysteries of the spirit world.
— Sylvia Christiane Shumake

Testimonial #7

Jonathan Harris is an incredibly, talented and gifted young man.  He is not for the faint of heart for his gift is straight to the point and no chaser.  He provides accurate, clear guidance that will make a positive impact on your physical, personal and spiritual walk.  I am eternally grateful for his ability to share his gift unselfishly and be a mentor to myself and others by assisting develop personal gifts/path.  He is very professional and makes you feel at ease with any preconceived ideas of spirits, spirit guides, etc.  If you desire to take your life to the next level….look no further
— Love You Latricia Penny, MA LPC