Set Your Intention!

Where is your energy? What are you attracting (and inviting) into your life? Who are you choosing to become?

These questions are vital to who and what you desire to become? Visualization is key in knowing who and what you are. You need to be able to see it before you can start the process of believing it.

Each morning you have to set aside a time to be mental, physically, emotionally and spirituality present. Each day you have had to put into practice of CHECKING YOURSELF and allowing your consciousness of truth to merge with your essence and your physical life. YOU HAVE TO BECOME THE THING YOU SEE TO SEE IN YOUR LIFE WITHIN YOUR MIND.


What is your truth?
What are you living for?
What is your purpose?
What is your divinity?
What is the divine within?


Being able to SEE (ThirdEye) (Sixth Chakra) within yourself and starting your process of daydreaming and allowing the truth from within to become manifested within yourself. Being able to see your truth and living it out in your life.

Affirmative Prayer

Being able to affirm for yourself that truth and aligning yourself with the truth that is and not moving away from that, but also being able to release and let go. The ***SKILL*** here is being able to let go and let God.

Affirmation & Declarations

To affirm is to REMIND and to declare is to COMMAND. It happened in the Bible that Jesus (One TRUTH, one MIND, one LOVE, universal presence)

What I speak IS, and what is; IS ME! I CHOOSE to experience (Demand & Declare your desires.)

Set Your Intention

To set your intention is to know your truth and what you want in your life. To know yourself is to know the desires of your heart.

A lot of times we say we know what we want, but we don’t do what is needed for use to begin to live out this truth because we are afraid of what COULD, or COULD NOT happen.


This is the easiest and best way to shift your vibration from a lower vibrating energy to a higher vibrating energy. You have to shift your before you can begin the process of knowing yourself.

Meditation (Listening) & Silence (Receiving)

Let’s begin the process of changing how we think about meditation, or listening to the Spirit of God, or ourselves. Let’s begin to change this concept and know that as we sit in silence, we are connecting to the truth (power) this within us. We are connecting to the power that has been bestowed upon us at this time. We are connecting to a higher aspect of ourselves to be able to stand in our truth and power. We are connecting to a higher aspect of self which is our true self.

As we sit, we are connecting to the creative potential of self, which is connected to the divinity of all.

Who are you and what is your (constant) prayer?
What are you constantly thinking?

We can all tell ourselves that we want good but do we call that into our experience on daily basis. Are we calling that into our experience on day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute and second by the second basis?

Is your truth being lived out in your experience?

Are you telling yourself that you want to be good, but not truly allowing yourself to experience the truth of what this is and is not? Are you true to yourself?

Remember this saying: You cannot believe in what you don’t honor.

If you don’t believe in yourself, or your creative potential. Then you can’t see, or become something greater than you thought you could become. You won’t be able to experience the peace, or truth of your life if you can’t find that aspect within yourself.

*** Remember ***


You are what you say you are? So, what are you telling yourself? Ponder this for a second and sit and be honest with yourself. It’s easy to tell yourself you believe something and don’t. You are more than your situation. You are so much more! But, you have to begin the process and do the work to shift this energy and become the change you wish to see in your life. I am not saying it is an easy process, but it is a process worth doing if you want to live a life worth living.

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