The Law Of Reflection

The Law of Reflection.

You are more than your situation, but you are also everything that you attract to yourself. What you put out there to the world is what you are going to get back to yourself. It’s the golden rule; what goes around comes around.

Think to yourself at this moment: What are you putting out into the universe? The universe is listening to you, but most importantly your inner (YOU) self is listening as well and whatever commands you give it, so be it and it is done.

What are you feeding yourself? What are you allowing yourself to believe? Think about it this way… what do you see in your life that is good and what do you do in your life that is bad? Take a right and perfect steps needed to move more into the awareness of who and what you are; find real happiness, so that you can step into the spiritual aspect of you which has already been there within yourself hidden under layers and layers of stuff.

Now, let’s look at another aspect of yourself…. You being able to step into and stand in the power that God has given you… You have been chosen for a reason to do the works you have come to this earth to do, but do you know that you already want certain situations for a reason as well and the thing about it is that these conditions can be good, bad, or ugly….But, they are all meant to teach you something……. each situation you experience is intended to grow you beyond your expectation so that you can further fulfill something deeper than what you can see. You are amazing, but you have to be able to see that for yourself. What if this journey was just about you seeing how awesome you are! 

Let’s make sense of your life right now…. in 5, 4, 3, 2, & 1.

You are powerful beyond measure. You have a gift & a purpose. You are meant to do bigger and better things. Let’s see what you desire and believe about yourself. Are you allowing yourself the opportunity to be greater than your current situation?

What do other people do to you that you can’t stand? What do others do to you that you dislike? What is it about them that makes you upset? What do you say to them, or don’t say to them, but think?

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