What is Intuition?

Develop You & Reclaiming Your Power.

What is intuition & Intuitive Development?

Intuition is the most natural aspect of self. Intuition is your God Given ability to listen to the silent whispers that speak from within your being. Intuition is your spiritual GPS as you reside here on this earth.

Intuition is your authentic self and the voice that speaks from within in.

The process of developing your intuition comes from you releasing any old programming that has told you that you can’t, or shouldn’t listen to the voice that is within you. Your intuition is that silent voice that you are choosing to listen to regardless of what you think, or feel that is opposite from your truth.

Intuitive development is the process of learning how to go within yourself and find your truth; find the God within. Listen deeply to the whispers that are speaking to you about your life, purpose, and your destiny.

Through the process of intuition and personal development, you should begin your process of moving past your STUFF to step into your process of living a total and full life. Intuition is NOT based on of fact, but truth.

This process deals with you being able to understand the difference between what this world teaches you and where your spirit is leading you. Facts change all the time because facts are based on what you can see, hear, feel, taste and smell. Facts are based on your physical senses and the scientific model and what can be studied, but your intuition is based on a metaphysical model and the truth and essence of God.

You are more than what you think. You are the spirit living a spiritual experience that is being experienced in a human 3D world. Spirit honestly is; what it is! You are a spirit, and you cannot deny this. The more the world rises in vibration, the more we began to understand that we are not merely human, or 3D. To know God is to know yourself and through your process of developing you are connecting with that which is higher than you; God.

To believe in God is to believe in your power to move beyond this physical experience. This needs to equal into a process of knowing which is where you move beyond faith and begin the process of knowing that you know that you know.

Do you believe that you are more than you can see? Do you believe in your process of conscious evolution? You are a conscious being of experience. You were born to experience. You were born to live! You were born to choose something greater than you could have every imagined, but the choice is honestly yours to choose. You’re life is the truth and example of the LOVE of God.

You may ask me do I have proof of this, and I can honestly say No I don’t. I only have what I hold dear to myself, and that is the love & God. I choose to experience something that is greater, and that is where my mind goes, and that is what I allow and attract into my conscious reality.

Your conscious reality is something that is greater and higher than yourself. Your consciousness is your truth, but you have to be willing and ready to experience this truth and the process is simple as 1.2.3., but you first have to make the choice to experience this and begin to embrace the love that has been set forth for you. You have to be willing and ready to experience more than you could have ever imagined within yourself, but you have to be willing and ready to embrace and experience change. It does not come without a cost because you have to be ready to say NO to your past and YES to your present reality.

Conscious conditioning is where the blockage comes into play. This is where you begin the constant cycle of trauma, disbelief, and mental sacrifice. This is where you begin to play games with yourself and your life because in the past you didn’t, or don’t know anything greater than what you thought you could be, but here I am offering a new thought: a new opportunity to be and do something different. Here I am offering you the opportunity to change. I am offering you the opportunity to be a CHANGE AGENT for yourself and the world around you.

You have to ask yourself “ What is change?” “What is my experience?” “What am I seeking?” “What is seeking me?” “Who am I wanting (choosing) to become?” These are all very important questions that you need to ask yourself because these are the questions that will begin to unlock the lost parts of your mind & soul that are locked away in your unconscious (subconscious) awareness that helps you engage in being lost, confused, or afraid of your power.

“ At this time I want you to affirm to yourself;
I am powerful and worth experiencing and living the life that I choose and want to live. I am choosing freedom and the power to be me. I am choosing to live a life of gratefulness and am embracing the power that will set me free. I am choosing me and the higher aspects of myself which sets forth as truth within myself and my life. I am choosing God because I know this truth. I will and am more than I could ever imagine for myself. “

Don’t fear, or be afraid of who you came to this earth to be just because you don’t see it does not mean it is not real, or NOT the truth. There is an awesome quote that say’s “ You can’t receive it until you can see it (within your minds eye)” I believe (and know) that God & The universe will give you what you want as long as you are willing to listen, pray (affirm) and work towards the life that you want to live.

Are you ready to Create a Clear Mental Picture? But, first, you have to understand what the process of creating a clear mental picture is…. This is being able to hold a thought, or idea in your mind about what you want and desire create in your life.

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