The Law of Attraction

• We always say “I want/desire,” but then say: “I don’t feel like doing.” Remember, Faith (Intention) without works (action) yields no results.

• When you speak your desires to the universe, remain open to the ideas/thoughts/guidance that comes after you have stated your intention.

• The law of attraction is activated by the choices you make within yourself. Remember, your beliefs/thoughts create your reality. Whatever you believe; you can conceive. You just have to be willing and ready to work!

How is the law (Universal Law) working for you in your life? Do you struggle with thinking positively? Let’s TALK!

Remember, the universal law not only responds to your word but most importantly it responds to what you believe about yourself.

When you look at your life you have to think is my life mirroring the desires of my heart and if it is not then that means you need to change something within yourself. You have been accepting and tolerating things for too long that no longer serve you, or your life. When you begin to look at the law of attraction you realize that it is a universal law that is connected to your word and belief about yourself, so what does that mean…. It means you need to begin to change how you look at yourself and what you believe.

One of my biggest goals and personal mission in life is to help those that can’t answer a not so simple question about themselves “Who am I?” This is the question you need to be able to answer for yourself as you progress and move forward in doing the things that you choose and desire to do. You are greatness in a box waiting to be opened. The question is, are you willing to open it and look at the good, bad and the ugly?

You have to be able to trust yourself in and during your process. God gives us all vision, but it is up to us to see it through.

Your Clairvoyant Coach,

Jonathan L. Harris

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