Reclaim Your Power Program

The “I AM” Program.

Who are you? Do you know? This is a question so many of us try to avoid, but also try and figure out as we move through life. The issue, or mistake that most of us make while searching is we look for external things (relationships, friends, job, sex, food etc..) to confirm (or explain) who we are (and what we know) internally.

The bible say’s that God knew us before the foundations of this earth and we also hear that many are called, but few are chosen as I continue on my own personal journey I am beginning to realize that the one who chooses the path is US. We stand before God and say “I am ready” “Send me” “Let me go and be your expression on the earth.” And, this is the reason why so many of us search and search for years; relationship after relationship to find out what our life really means to us.

The process, in general, is a journey of self-expression and learning how to be vulnerable with not only the world but ourselves. We work hard to figure out what we like, our strengths and weakness, what brings us joy and what the purpose of our life truly is.  The process of unfoldment is not an easy process, but it is a worthwhile process because God/The universe rewards us greatly.

When we think of ourselves we usually associate it with a title (mother, father, brother, sister), what we have, who we surround ourselves with, or how much love we give and express throughout our lives. But, what you do does NOT determine who you are; who you ARE determines what you do.

The “I AM” program helps you in being able to define who you are and what you deserve/desire in your life. I will take you through a process called unfoldment which will put you in a place of alignment that will help you clearly define that one question which will help you to understand your truth and develop your consciousness. You and God are one, but you have to be able to UNDERstand who you are before your OVERstand your life. I now ask you: are you ready to get your life in alignment with what God has already laid out before you? Are you ready to reclaim your soul power and call into form (seen realm) what is the unseen reality? You deserve a life worth living; are you ready to live verse exist?