Intuitive Development Program

The Intuitive Development Program:

Do you believe you have spiritual abilities, but you don’t know what to do with them? Do you have a feeling, or see things out the corner of your eye. That is spirit; the veil is thinning, and you are becoming more aware of things that are not normally understood by the conscious mind. God is speaking to you, but the question is are you listening? This program is all about you stepping forward and learning how to “BE” verses “DO.”

You are not crazy; You’re just gifted spirituality. Through this program, you will learn about your intuitive & spiritual abilities. The strongest from the weakest. You are stepping into a season of divine favor. Learn a process of meditation that is easy for you to comprehend and work with. You have to learn how to be able to still your mind and get out of the way so that you can clearly hear messages from the divine.

Intuitive development is all about you and going on a journey within yourself to be able to clearly hear the messages that are already around you, but you don’t know how to clearly decipher what is being said. You don’t always need another person to confirm for you what God is/has already revealed to you. Intuition is all about trust and getting into the zone.

Developing your intuition is not about learning how to control your gifts/spirit/messages as much as it is about allowing them (it) to come forth and unfold naturally!

Your intuition/awareness is your divine birthright and it will lead you to a place of peace within yourself and life. I do not believe in working towards happiness as much as I believe in having peace within yourself. Happiness is something that another person/event/situation can take away from you, but peace is yours for as long as you choose to hold onto it.

The Choice is yours! Do you accept?

Learning about your intuition teaches you how to trust and how to talk authentically in truth within yourself so that you can do the things that God placed you on this earth to do. You have a purpose, but you need to learn how to navigate through life using your spiritual GPS, so now I ask you the question: Do you want to proceed forward in reclaiming your power? and, reclaiming your natural awarenesses of intuition for yourself, family, community, and life?