— Michael J Monroe Jr.

“Hello this is Michael Monroe I want to thank you for taking the time to hear my testimony. This started in the year may 2012. Jonathan Intuitive Harris, spoke over my life. He told me that it was my time to make my trek across the country to Las Vegas from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. To a place where I can grow and flourish in ways that I could not imagine. Like everyone else, we get used to mediocrity, and “hope” everything will “work out” without us doing in anything on our own. Continue reading “— Michael J Monroe Jr.”

— Lydia T.

“ I learned about Jonathan through a young lady who’s successful career I’ve followed and supported, and based off of her character I trusted her review (Ming Lee). Of course, there’s always a glimmer of skepticism lurking underneath. … The first 2 MINUTES Jonathan started talking I KNEW HE WAS ANOINTED and was being used as vessel. He told me things NO ONE could know. He started the conversation telling me NOT to tell him anything about myself, I didn’t, and Jonathan read me like a book cover to cover!! After his first two sentences, I had to mute my phone because I began to cry extremes tears because I KNEW god what was talking to me through him. Thank you Jonathan, you may never understand the extent you’ve helped me. I’m definitely making another appointment, and encourage EVERYONE to try him at least once. Worth EVERY PENNY, and he actually cares about what he does. Thanks again J! “

— D.D.

“When I first heard of this young man Jonathan & his gift, I found it a bit odd. Due to my religious beliefs and what I have been taught all my life, I immediately thought he was demonic & that what he was doing was negative. I decided to read other testimonials & spoke with friends about him. I continued to visit his website numerous times and became very curious. I was offered the opportunity to speak with Jonathan even though I was still very apprehensive because of his gift and profession. I was under the impression that maybe he might be a little weird or strange. After our phone conversation I realized he is such a sweet person, very genuine, and extremely normal! He really seeks to help others. Come to find out he was the total opposite of my original perception of him!

I’m very grateful that I met Jonathan. I had been carrying around a weight on my shoulders as a result of a lot of hurt and pain for years. Immediately following our phone conversation, I felt that weight lift off of me. I felt healing instantaneously. My mental outlook became more positive and everything I looked at just seemed brighter. I felt so much love. Just a change! That’s when I knew this man was the real deal! I am looking forward to learning more. Let’s see where this Journey takes me.”

— Celeste Freeland, PMP

“ The first time I met Jonathan was at a spiritual gathering a few years ago. At the end of the gathering it was announced that Jonathan was available to answer any 3 questions people had and I was amazed as a long line quickly formed. I heard previously that he was gifted but had never experienced meeting him personally. Curious, I got on the line. That day I asked Jonathan 3 questions, 2 which were specifically about my son and Jonathan answered them immediately and emphatically. Because one of the answers was about something that would happen years later, it took a few years for me to see that all 3 answers came to pass, but that is exactly what happened, and has continued to happen throughout the years, whenever I called him for a reading. Shortly thereafter I signed up for coaching with Jonathan, and the results have been amazing as I experienced how he fuses his coaching expertise with his prophetic and spiritual gifts. Since that time, I have referred Jonathan to many of my friends and family in need of help and each one walked away enlightened. Meanwhile, over the years, Jonathan has helped me with and through many tough experiences both from a coaching and a spiritual perspective, all the while pointing out to me, among other things, that coaching is something I also do well. Late last year I became a certified coach, an accomplishment I owe partly to Jonathan coaching me and helping me to acknowledge some of my life’s purposes. I will always repeatedly highly recommend Jonathan to anyone in need of guidance, coaching and/or spiritual work. Incapable of steering anyone wrong, Jonathan in and of himself a true gift from God, with a true heart of gold.

— Jim C., SVP, Sales & Marketing

“ To Searchers Everywhere – I met Jonathan several months ago. My wife had attended several of his meetings before I decided to do some exploring of my own. As we all know, The Universe works in strange and wonderful ways and this was but another example. A spiritual path can be one of the most difficult, frightening and lonely endeavors any of us can undertake. As we search for answers, what we often find are only more questions. As we crave peace we find chaos. The older we get, the more challenging it becomes to shed the layer after layer of encrusted social conditioning that acts as an almost impenetrable wall to any enlightenment. We are often oblivious to the synchronicities of our daily lives and the messages they carry. We seek solace in our books, comfort and validation from our friends and clarity from our teachers. Although young in age, Jonathan is truly an old soul with the presence and understanding few of us will ever attain. His personal challenges are as ours, his life a struggle in many ways but the pureness of his spirit and his message are apparent beyond reservation. He is a channel for hope, introspection, compassion and love. I am blessed to have him in my life and can only hope that you will find your way to him as well.

— Blessings, Debbie Loshbough

I met Jonathan in 2010 at my church in Charlotte, where he did brief readings one day after the service for free. There was a long line of folks waiting for him. I have been to many intuitive and readers, and I can tell who is getting information directly from my guides, as opposed to reading me or my energy. His brief message confirmed what others had told me and was right on about the information he passed along to me.

After I returned to Atlanta, I wanted to see if he could talk to one of my clients, a young man with intuitive abilities he didn’t understand. I contacted a store in Charlotte where I knew he occasionally did readings. He just happened to be there at the time I called, and happened to be between clients. As we talked I learned he would be moving to Atlanta to go to school and I was thrilled. I went to a spirit circle he had here, where he did a powerful meditation and explained what we each experienced. He also gave each person a brief reading. I knew a number of the people there, and knew that he had pegged each of them correctly, as well as myself.

I signed up for his class on getting to know your guides better. I was the only one to sign up, and he easily could have cancelled the class, but he did not. I got two hours of his undivided attention. He told me what I needed to place on my altar specifically related to my guides and what each thing meant. He taught me how to meditate in order to bring them in, how to do an opening and closing, and who to call in. He gave me exercises I could practice to increase my intuition, all directly related to my guides. He gave me messages from them. It would have been worth ten times what I paid for it. I then signed up for a personal message, for $5 a week. You can’t beat that!

His messages are incredibly accurate to the situation.

He can give you whatever information you need, see blockages to your goals, and help you with those. He has a real gift, and he is ‘The Amazing Jonathan’! His young age belies his wisdom. He has a deep and true talent, and he remains humble in his use of it. Not only that, but he would be a great business coach. He can manifest things faster than anyone I know. I have watched him take off and start his business from scratch in a new city. Every time I turn around he’s got another meetup going, or another class, or another offering of his services. All of this while going to school. He has a clear understanding of metaphysical principles, and can help guide you on your own path. This young man, 38 years my junior, has gained my respect. As a businessman, a life coach, a visionary, and a genuinely gifted human being, more spiritually connected than 98% of the people I know. I highly recommend him for assistance with whatever you need to know or learn, for guidance in any situation.

— Laurie S. MSW, QMHP, New York, Manhattan

“Jonathan is truly a gifted spiritual young man. He allows God/Spirit to use him in assisting individuals with their journey called life. Jonathan has given me and my family words of encouragement and guidance that was given to him from God/Spirit. The one thing I learned since working with Jonathan is you must be open to receive the message and apply it to your life which will allow you to change your thinking. Changing your thinking and mind set to me is the hardest thing to do but working with Jonathan my thinking is beginning to change, in other words it is a process. Jonathan has given me information that only God/Spirit would know. For example, my first meeting with Jonathan I asked the question when will I meet my husband. Jonathan told me I needed to address issues when I was 17, 28 and 32. It took me a while to understand what he was talking about. Jonathan asked me what happened to me when I was 17. After thinking about my life at 17 I loved/cared for an individual so deeply and he walked out of my life abruptly. Since that time I have been searching and looking for that same kind of love. At the age of 28 I was married with two children. At the age of 32 I divorced my husband. I was advised to release those situations so I could move on.

— Keesha W. – Atlanta Georgia

“I found Jonathan’s Develop Yo(U) Meetup group in January 2013.  Immediately Jonathan was able to tap into my energy and let me know who was around me (spiritually), my individual gifts, my struggles, and my life path. From my first meeting on, the Develop Yo(U) group became my extended family. Though I’ve had mentors, workshops, self study along my journey, i wasn’t able to decipher what my purpose was and what gifts that I had.

I signed up for Jonathan’s One-on-One coaching and my life was dramatically enhanced. Jonathan was able to focus solely on me and break down my experiences, their purpose, and what I came here to do. He demonstrated respect for my lack of understanding and was patient, even when i wasn’t.

I could tell that Jonathan has a passion for coaching and healing. Accepting a spiritual life was scary and challenging. However, I always felt safe and ‘normal’ when working with Jonathan. Nine months later, I am comfortable with my life and my gifts and have a clearer vision of my life purpose and steadily working towards that purpose. I am now mentoring other people being accountable for uplifting and helping people as I have been helped.

What makes Jonathan unique and authentic is that his main goal and purpose is to aid in developing the essence of who you were designed to be. I believe that God places gifted teachers in this life to help others to find their way back to the pureness of God’s intention, YOU. I can say from the depth of my soul that Jonathan was meant to be in my life. I am grateful for the bond and friendship that has developed between he and I. And you too, may find a friend and mentor for life.

— Be blessed, Yvonne-Fleur

“What can I say – Jonathan was referred to me by a dear friend and has been such a blessing to my life & to so many of my family and friends that I have in turn referred to him since the first time I called him 2 years ago in the fall of 2010. At the time I was very unsettled and overwhelmed with life and very unsure of my purpose and where my life was headed. He helped me in finding myself & my bearings again. Everything he has ever advised has come to light & as I have grown so much spiritually, emotionally, financially and educationally which he’s had a hand in as he assisted me in seeing where my path was headed. I always refer to him whenever I need assistance steering in the right direction in this maze called life and look forward to a continued spiritual relationship for years to come.

– KJ

“Jonathan? Where you been all my life ?? Lol. The call with him was perfect timing and left me feeling fulfilled! Everything spirit showed him allowed me to understand my current feelings and experiences. I highly recommend him and will be making my time with him a monthly to-do. Blessings.